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Some, if not most people find it difficult to display emotion and express how they feel or bring to light undealt issues of the past. I'm sometimes a culprit of this. Drama and play therapy brings theatre processes into a space which encourages either groups or individuals to express and work through emotions and 'stuck' issues.

Welma de Beer has over thirty years worth of experience in working with children, adolescents and adults; be it as a drama therapist, lecturer, teacher or a drama practitioner. As a practice, drama therapy is found in many 'mainstream' institutions such as voluntary oragnisations and NPOs, mainstream and special needs schools, National Health Service institutions and private hospitals.

Working on this project with Welma was loads of fun from collaborating on the colour scheme to late night phone calls trying to decide where content should go or if there was enough content all together!

Thank you, Welma, for allowing Tech Warrior to play a role within your pocket of excellence. To learn more about what Welma has to offer head on over to her website!

"Play is a child's natural medium for self-expression."
—Virginia Axline

1 - What made you choose to work with Tech Warrior?

I decided to use Tech warrior because I knew the people to be kind, caring, truthful, honest and their work to be detailed and beautiful

2 - If you had any hesitation about using Tech Warrior, what was it?

I have no hesitations

3 - What were the three things you liked most about working with Tech Warrior?

The three things that I most liked were their: dedication even though I was difficult; their gentle approach; and their sense of aesthetics

4 - Is there anything that Tech Warrior could do better?

No, not in my book

Welma de Beer

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