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To write or not to write, that is the question...

When one recalls similarly famous lines you are transported either into a high school English classroom or a theatre; I much prefer the latter!

On the western edge of Johannesburg, in Ferreiras Dorp, is an organisation lending support to aspiring South African artists. Offering these talented artisans a platform to share their thoughts and passions to an audience as well as other accordant maestros.

The Tin Town Theatre venue and surrounds hold both historical and cultural significance. It was founded by Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) CEO, Marcus Desando and is currently run by the talented Tshepo Ratona with the aid of Phumeza Damane. The space offers both up and coming as well as established artists an opportunity to stage performances, learn and encourage collaborations.

Working with Tshepo on this website was fantastic. The shared insights taken from our respective professions allowed the melding of theatrical artistic vision and expression with the progressive drawing board of web development. Thank you, Tshepo, for choosing Tech Warrior to develop Tin Town's website.

Read on below to see Tshepo's feedback:

Thank you so very much for your talents and effort. We at The Tin Town Theatre NPC, truly appreciate.
Tshepo Ratona
Tin Town Theatre

1 - What made you choose to work with Tech Warrior?

The moment I saw the Website from Johannesburg Opera, I knew I wanted to meet and have a great relationship with the company that designed it. Its beautiful, creative and well thought out, that is what made me want to work with Tech Warrior.

2 - If you had any hesitation about using Tech Warrior, what was it?

I had absolutely no hesitations, I made up my mind when I first saw your work.

3 - What were the three things you liked most about working with Tech Warrior?

  • The kind service, the openness and the effort to truly understand what the client needed and how you could possibly help them.
  • The turn around times and the constant communication to ensure that we remain in the same page.
  • The list of options that were basically the best and I had a heart time choosing what the project should look like in the end because all options were carefully created with an effort.

4 - Is there anything that Tech Warrior could do better?

I got the best services I wouldn’t know what could possibly change.

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