Who are some great web developers?


The competition is heated

Living in the twenty-first century can be exhausting when it comes to finding a service provider for your needs; be it small or large scale building contractors, logistics for the home or business, digital design gurus or in our case friendly web developers.

In 1988, when the Internet first reached our golden sandy shores in sunny South Africa, it operated primarily within the realm of academic institutions. As it evolved and the World Wide Web was invented, only a handful of individuals understood its power and how it could slingshot businesses into a league of their own. Fast forward to present day and terms like Search Engine Optimisation, Content Management System and Landing Page are commonplace. These terms have grown in popularity as our world has become more digitally inclined.

Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.
—Biz Stone

Businesses, small and large, have begun to adopt the Internet, use the Web and search engines like Google to increase business turnover or profits by pulling people to visit and engage with their websites.

There are a plethora of tools available to aid in bringing prospective clients to your website. Of course anyone can sit down and build a website but you’ll have to decide if it’s worth your time as the business owner to sit and figure out how everything works, or if you should hire a professional company to do it for you.

The trusted voice

At Tech Warrior we get to engage and meet with many people and businesses regarding their websites. And because we have been around for so long (25 years) and have a lot of knowledge on websites and website development we are often asked who are some of the other website builders and competitors we have in our industry.

Our goal is to be the trusted voice and blatantly transparent when it comes to building a website. It is one of our passionate goals. We want our clients and customers to be as informed as possible.

We’ve compiled the following list of companies who we think do some incredible work both in the web design and development space.

Purchasing domain names carefully is a very important aspect of owning a website. Having a website is an important part of running a business. Make sure you are the rightful registered owner of your domain name.


Based in Bedfordview, Cloudfusion delivers some of the most beautifully designed websites we have ever seen. They have a customer-centric philosophy aiming to deliver the best possible online solutions for their clients as well as their clients’ clients. Services they offer include SEO management and implementation, web design and development, e-commerce and e-governance solutions, brand building. For those interested they also offer mobile app development.


Although not founded in South Africa, Vaimo is one of the largest and most trusted online commerce partners in the world. They have offices in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng across Europe, Asia and North America. Their specialty lies in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer experiences; offering great websites and user experiences both for the client and service provider. They have partnered with industry giants such as Adobe, Oracle and Akeneo.

Big Web Media

Operating from Woodstock in Cape Town, Big Web Media, aims to simplify and as they put it, ‘demystifythe internet industry; specifically web design and search engine optimization. Their focus is to increase brand visibility and monetization through online marketing solutions, guiding their customers every step of the way, ultimately leading to incredibly sleek end products which are bound to keep customers returning.


Operating out of Johannesburg with a service reach to most major business sectors, Cocopine offers affordable website development and mobile app development for small and medium sized enterprises. They aim to empower their customers to edit, manage and update their WordPress websites through online tutorials and courses. If that isn’t for you, they offer to do the heavy lifting and deliver some really great looking websites which are bound to get heads turning and clicks through SEO.

Focus Online

Focus Online has a close connection to the travel industry but an equally impressive affiliation to web development, design and SEO services. They aim to increase brand visibility through search results in all major search engines; they offer content marketing, email marketing and social media services that are designed to pull prospective customers in time and time again.

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