I want a one pager but what if I want to add pages later?


Knowing what’s best for you

Tech Warrior has five different website packages available, they are Starter, Standard, Professional, E-Commerce and Professional Plus. Starter being the entry point for a small business, Standard is the most popular and Professional Plus the most customisable, being almost bespoke. These packages vary in price in an effort to cater for everyone’s budgets and needs.

All the website’s Tech Warrior develops have the same features. The difference in price is related to the amount of content required for each website as well as the number of pages needed to ‘house’ said content. This leads me to my next point, why we’ve set up the packages the way we have and knowing what’s best for you.

Purchasing domain names carefully is a very important aspect of owning a website. Having a website is an important part of running a business. Make sure you are the rightful registered owner of your domain name.

When you use Tech Warrior as the web development company for your business, the website’s we create are not bespoke, custom designed masterpieces, but they are masterpieces nonetheless! There are a few reasons we offer our services the way we do, a primary one is related to cost for both client and Tech Warrior.

Of course I could have said earlier on in the article that you can order a one paged website now and add pages at a later stage, however that would be more beneficial to Tech Warrior and less so to you, the consumer. The reason for this is that we charge per page added to a website and we charge by the hour if there is work outside of the aforementioned packages.

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.
—Jim Rohn

Honesty is the best policy

We don’t want you to be out of pocket, I mean a few extra zeros in the bank doesn’t hurt us but it may hurt you, which is why we aim to be as transparent as possible. A one pager could be all you need for now and ever. And, your business may grow and you may wish to expand your website to accommodate your additional offerings. You can do that.

If you order a Starter version of Tech Warrior’s Small Business Websites and add an additional four pages at a later stage, you would end up paying more for the site than you would if you had ordered the Standard version upfront but you wouldn’t be paying for it all at once so it could suit your cash flow needs too.

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