What customer problems are you solving?


It's not about you

Typically a lot of marketing is about you:

  • Our fantastic services;
  • We can do this or that;
  • Our amazing products;
  • We deliver the best;

To be frank, you are wasting your time and your (prospective) customer’s time. Your customer will buy from you if, and only if, you can solve a problem they have.

If you are only talking about yourself, how does any customer know whether you can help them? That’s right, they don’t.

Your job is two-fold. Firstly, you need to understand what your customer is trying to do. Secondly, you need to craft and create content which illustrates how you can help solve what they are trying to do. Remember, your customers are buying your service or product to solve a problem – their problem.

Your customers or clients are buying your service or product to solve their problem

Think about your past customers and why they chose you. More often than not, they believed you could solve a problem or resolve a situation for them. Your website marketing and content need to reflect this subtle but important distinction. A Harvard marketing professor, Theodore Levitt, got it when he said that people don’t want to buy a drilling machine. They want the hole. Not only do they want the hole, whether it be in the wall or a piece of wood, they also want the benefit from what the hole gives them — new shelves, a picture on the wall and so on.

Next time someone asks you what you or your business does, remember to tell them what problems you solve and the benefits that come from having those problems solved!

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