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Tech Warrior specializes in creating bespoke, professional websites catered towards small business owners.

At the start of June 2019, the Tech Warrior team completed three additional websites to add to their ever-growing portfolio. The clients Tech Warrior served were LS West Africa, Drama Therapy and The Baratang Initiative.

LS West Africa is run by a charismatic Mother and Daughter duo. Their main practice is the hiring out of lashing, tackling and lifting equipment while still offering sales on new and used equipment as well as repairs on older more worn out pieces of equipment.

Drama Therapy is a platform of expression for children and adults alike. The practice is run by a gentle but unwavering woman, Welma de Beer, who has invested many years of her life with the vision to help others engage with difficult or uneasy emotions. Ultimately giving individuals an opportunity to express themselves openly.

I decided to use Tech warrior because I knew the people to be kind, caring, truthful, honest and their work to be detailed and beautiful. I liked their dedication to the tasks even though I was difficult; their gentle approach; and their sense of aesthetics.
—Welma de Beer

The Baratang Initiative is geared towards children who have come from traumatic or abusive backgrounds. The initiative is also able to help adults who come from similar environments. The initiative is run by three women who, like Drama Therapy, allow individuals a space to deal with and release negative or painful experiences.

Tech Warrior is proud to be associated with these individuals and companies; who, in their own way, are constructing and forming an improved, happier world of tomorrow.

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