No growth without change


Many a false step was made by standing still.
Tim Ferriss

Following on from my previous article — another lesson which I've had trouble with is time management; be it related to a project or a daily task. Maybe I'll update my slogan to:

Adapt. Be open. Be clear. Be timeous.

It's not something that changes overnight. Developing good, healthy habits and setting yourself daily targets or goals is a good place to start though. I am fond of taking a process in my personal and professional life and optimising it, ultimately reducing the amount of time it takes to get it done.

In my personal life, I've grappled with sleep. I don't tend to get enough of it, either because I'm watching online lectures, or trying to watch every TEDed video available... However; in the last month I decided to pick up mountain biking again, and you need A LOT of sleep in the build up to and recover from the treks.

I have my first competition at the end of April. I have no doubt it will be a slog, but it has given me a short term goal to chip away at on a regular basis - in more ways than I can mention here - it has made me become more cognizant of how I use my time specifically around my training regime, when I train and how much time I spend training.

Professionally, over the last few weeks I have set myself the goal of generating eye catching graphic designs on a weekly basis. I have tried to create a minimum of 5 new designs per week; sometimes I manage, sometimes I don't - but what I am doing is honing my craft on a continual basis - optimising it through consistency. I'm no digital Monet or Picasso yet, but I know I'll be there by the end of the year.

Time management skills are something which can be developed. I've found that using 'Carrots and Sticks' motivates me best. Setting goals which are achievable, but still push me, harbour better results. The Pomodoro Technique has helped with my workflow during the day, helping again optimise my time management.

Lastly, the 5 minute journal has been a blessing. Essentially I set aside 5 minutes in the mornings and choose three things I’m thankful for; three things I would like to have happen during the day and a daily affirmation for myself. In the evenings I again set aside another 5 minutes and take stock of what made the day great overall and then I choose three things that I could have done to make the day more productive, more insightful or better in any way. Through 10 minutes of introspection, I am incrementally improving my daily habits and it pays great dividends.

As the header image indicates - there is no growth without change.

As we’re moving into autumn I believe it's the season for change!


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