Moving and Singing our way into 2020

Tech Warrior Moving & Singing into 2020 Blog post

We’re moving and singing into 2020 and in this month’s feature Tech Warrior would like to take this opportunity to introduce two vastly different clientele.

Some of us at Tech Warrior like to think we’re multifaceted – we exercise regularly and have some know-how in the fitness department. On the odd occasion we’ve been told we have ‘green thumbs’ because we’re great in the garden; however, our singing capabilities don’t compare to those of Phenye Modiane and his entourage at the Johannesburg Opera or the ox-like strength and stamina of Graham Banger and his trusted staff members at The Transport and Logistics Company.

Johannesburg, informally known as Jozi or the City of Gold, is a cultural mixing pot. People from all over the world congregate in various suburbs and parts of the city and share their love, passion and knowledge on topics like soccer, ours and their heritage, global concerns and the South African government. Tech Warrior likes to believe that at the centre of this cosmopolitan city lies a communal interest in the arts; and in our opinion Jozi Opera stands out.

Phenye’s aim for the Johannesburg Opera is to be the leading opera company in South Africa. He explains that Jozi Opera is a vessel for large corporates to impress current and potential business partners at functions as well as allowing the ‘average joe’ and opportunity to experience singing in its purest form. Jozi Opera manages to do this by offering a wide variety of packages at affordable prices – because everyone should experience the magic of opera at least once in their life.

Moving along we come to TLC, that is the Transport and Logistics Company and not Tender Loving Care. Being in Johannesburg, life tends to move at a rapid pace – in some instances it feels as though we are running to stand still. Graham Banger and his team of professional, friendly and trustworthy staff members understand that people have deadlines and projects need to be done 5 minutes ago.

TLC prides themselves in being your solution for everything moving, dismantling and relocating related. What started out as weekend favours for friends and family has turned into something which Graham is, and rightly so, proud of.

The Tech Warrior team would like to thank both Graham and Phenye for allowing us to help them on their digital, web-based journey. Wishing you both many years of success.

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