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Ukusekela ukuzihlupha - translated from Zulu - means to support others and create self-sufficiency. This is what Ukusekela the Small Projects and Support Fund (SPSF) aims to achieve for local grassroot initiatives in the forms of NGOs, NPOs, CBOs and the like.

Stemming from The AIDS Foundation of South Africa, Ukusekela aims to empower communities by making its members participate in development and education actions. These are designed, implemented and owned by some of the community members themselves! Ukusekela seeks out female lead initiatives so as to drive female empowerment and minimise gender inequality.

Getting a community involved in its growth and development is paramount to its success. It creates a sense of pride, you want to show off what you've been able to achieve - Tech Warrior believes this is what Ukusekela aims for and consistently hits the mark.

It has been both eye opening and a privilege working with Snegugu and her team while creating Ukusekela's website. For future projects Tech Warrior will engage with its clients in a more meaningful way - be it through phone calls, WhatsApp messages or video calls.

Thank you Sne, for highlighting the value of the communications medium!

Read on below for Sne’s feedback:

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
Nelson Mandela

1 - What made you choose to work with Tech Warrior?

Your approach on working with small projects and interactions with us during the initiation process.

2 - If you had any hesitation about using Tech Warrior, what was it?

Basically not having technical know-how, if you would understand our vision and bring it to life. I am very wary of technical projects especially in areas where I have no clue let alone expertise on.

3 - What were your highlights working with Tech Warrior?

  • Your patience and understanding
  • understanding the vision and bringing it to life and how you took initiative in some areas being the technically skilled team that you are
  • I always look forward to being led, listening to recommendations in areas where I am not strong on and this was received and felt with your dynamic and responsive team

4 - Is there anything that Tech Warrior could do better?

Meet more to talk to ensure we are all aligned. Sometimes we miss the meaning in email communication and typing can be a bit time consuming than talking things through. I suppose it can vary on a client preference.


We had an awesome experience working with you guys and given the chance we would do it again.


Snegugu Vilakazi
Programme Coordinator

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