Food & Trees For Africa 2019 annual review

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Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) is a leading Section 21 Non-Profit Organisation that addresses food security, environmental sustainability, and greening. FTFA has values that resonate deeply with Tech Warrior, those of efficiency, transparency, and accountability. They are an innovative organisation and have become one of the best social development organisations on the continent of Africa.

Tech Warrior has been working with FTFA for a few years and are very proud to showcase our most recent job for FTFA, their 2019 Annual Review. The job entailed the design and layout aspects of the review coupled with some info-graphics. FTFA offers Tech Warrior a unique opportunity to support an organisation that strives to make a meaningful impact to the lives of all South Africans. Additionally it's not often that we get to do print layout work so all around this job and our relationship with FTFA is very special to us.

Food & Trees for Africa returns year after year to Tech Warrior for their outstanding design services. Our experience from the very first year has been one of ease and simplicity. Tech Warrior listens, understands our requirements and then gets on with the job with creating beautiful appealing artwork. I would highly recommend Tech Warrior for anyone requiring graphic design skills in their business.
—Kate Sheldon - FTFA Operations Manager

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