Finding certainty in uncertain times


The world of money, be it digital or physical, is a nebulous, living 'thing'. Like energy it moves around, it bounces between people and organisations. It can move from one country, state or province to another. It never sleeps. Much like opportunities which are waiting to be capitalised on.

When Tech Warrior first started this project, there was some learning that needed to be done. What is an arbitrage trade? How can you make an income out of it and more importantly how were we going to develop a website to help explain what this is all about.

Tech Warrior and the South African Bitcoin Arbitrage (SABCA) team first spent some time bouncing ideas off one another, learning more about what each organisation has achieved and hopes to achieve all the while focussing on the end goal - create a website that demystifies, enables and empowers its visitors around all things arbitrage related.

Thank you to the SABCA team for their continued engagement to create something marvelous, functional and educational.

Read the feedback from SABCA's founder, Chris Broekman, below:

Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.
—Marc Kenigsberg

1 - What made you choose to work with Tech Warrior?

I saw that you had built a website for Roman Cabanac's the Morning shot podcast.

2 - If you had any hesitation about using Tech Warrior, what was it?

Whether you had the technical ability to integrate my Json endpoint to the site.

3 - What were the three things you liked most about working with Tech Warrior?

  • Good communication
  • Affordable for a new and unproven business that is being "bootstrapped"
  • Talented developers.

4 - Is there anything that Tech Warrior could do better?

For my site I really want it to sell my mailing list so that I can get a bigger audience. I feel like a bigger list of options for integrating MailChimp campaigns would be a big selling point. e.g. Pop ups when clients visit the site to sign up with the mailing list.

Thanks and regards.
Chris Broekman

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