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Most people don't know about the table-top game culture, one which seems to be full of life and growing by the day here in South Africa.

One of our team members, Tristan, used to be a part of this culture many years ago. He would buy miniature figurines, cut them out of their moulds, file down the injection moulding lines, apply a layer of base coat and paint the models in various colours. The objective of the game was to outwit your opponent by rolling a set of dice. Different rolls meant different things. One of the worst things that could happen, and it occurred more often than not, was having your dice fall off the table in the heat of the moment. Did you roll a 6 or a 2? Does the roll count at all? It could have been a winning throw, but now  an obstruction is called.

Thankfully, someone noticed this issue and designed a dice board. A nifty, rectangular type of box which not only houses your dice, but affords you, the player, an opportunity to throw your dice without worry of losing them over the side of the table.

Goodberry is pioneering the dice board industry in South Africa. The brains behind this marvellous operation are Scully and Zan. All their boards are made using sustainably sourced woods, eco-friendly paints and faux leather; delivering unique works of art with every build.

Tech Warrior built Goodberry's website and Scully took the time to write a testimonial for us, read it below:

Firstly I would like to say thank you for an amazing job on our site. As a small business and start-up, it was wonderful working with a caring, professional and organized company
—Scully, Goodberry Co-founder

1 - What made you choose to work with Tech Warrior?

It was by chance that Matthew and I met and I am happy to say that we did. It was originally by word of mouth, through a mutual client. Matthew gave me great advice in the beginning and really cared for what I needed.

2 - If you had any hesitation about using Tech Warrior, what was it?

None really, from meeting the team, you get a real sense of ease, that your business is in good hands.

3 - What were the three things you liked most about working with Tech Warrior?

They are friendly, kind, and thoughtful. Your energy is wonderful!

They take the time to give you what you want but also what you need, even when you don’t know it ??

4 - Is there anything that Tech Warrior could do better?

To be very honest, I am very happy with everything I experience with the team. It is very rare to find companies nowadays that really take the time to work with you, for you and not just for a quick buck. It doesn’t matter what level product you go for, they treat you like gold and really use their industry knowledge and experience to make creating a webiste so much easier. They delivered all round. Great work Team,

Love Goodberry.

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