Baratang Initiative

Welcome to Baratang Initiative. We are a dynamic non-profit organisation responding to the crises in South African schools. Our mission is to positively change the face of education by supporting the growth of healthy school communities; addressing trauma and supporting learners to become healthy, caring and capable human beings. We believe that this can be attained by re-establishing uBuntu principles of care, community involvement and the supporting all stake holders, including teachers and parents.

Yivani Mbali Foundation

With the help and support of friends, the many lives touched by Yivani, we honour and celebrate the impactful and short life of Yivani Mbali Ndizana, a South African, young Hiltonian and until July 2018, a special member of the Edinburgh Community.

We bring about this Social Movement - to change the way society views and deals with mental health by creating awareness, identifying and facilitating intervention programs to skillfully address mental health.

LS West Africa

We offer lifting, lashing, rigging and pulling equipment to the mining, construction and industrial sectors across South Africa and the African content.

LS West Africa ensures that sales and after sales service is at the highest standard. This is achieved through intensive quality control procedures - for your peace of mind.

Still Life

I have called my little shop Still Life. This seemed the perfect name considering my love for all things depicting the art form called Still Life.

still life is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which are either natural (food, flowers, dead animals, plants, rocks, shells, etc.) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, etc.).

In keeping with still life, I also tenderly live a still life and while there is still life to live it mindfully, consciously and enjoy each day as it arrives.

3 Words

3 Words is about supporting your business to do more business, through our different brands.

Tin Town Theatre

The Tin Town Theatre is a fresh vibrant artistic space on the edge of Marshall Town, west of Johannesburg. Since its inception in August 2019, the theatre has proven to be a hub for independent artists and a platform for new original art works. With young artists at the helm, the space is on an undying mission to create an inspirational home for artists and contribute innovatively to the South African Theatre industry and ultimately the entire arts industry.

Johannesburg Opera

Johannesburg Opera is an opera company looking to bring great opera singing and great theatre performance with a slogan “a song for you”. A performing arts and entertainment company focussing on opera related productions, concerts and events.

Johannesburg Opera supports education and the development of South African singers. Through sponsorships and support, Johannesburg Opera will train young talented singers without the financial support to study at accredited tertiary institutions and provide opportunities to develop their talent and performance experience.


Goodberry is a company that makes handcrafted, quality wooden tabletop gaming accessories.

The Transport & Logistics Company

The Transport and Logistics Company is your go-to solution for anything related to the transportation of goods and moving of office and home furniture. As mentioned previously, we specialise in household and office removals using our years of customer service and hands on approach. We offer a face to face personal solution. We focus on YOU, our customer, providing you with a seamless and a smooth moving experience

LikaFox Consultancy

LikaFox provides Domain registration and management to support your online ventures. We also offer domain registration advice and domain investment opportunities.

Drama Therapy

Drama and play therapy brings creative processes into the room when specifically working with our emotions, expressing our life stories and facing our fears.

Drama therapy is particularly effective with children but is similarly enjoyed when engaged with by adults. It can be practised in groups or with individuals either in institutions or in private practise.

Lesedi Waldorf School

Lesedi Waldorf School's primary focus is to nurture a holistic, creative education through developing thinking, feeling and willing as a means of unfolding human potential. To foster a self-sustainable environment that supports individuality and community through deepening Waldorf education.

Northcliff Physio

Treatment modalities include dry needling and strapping in conjunction with myofascial release and joint mobilisation techniques.

A suction unit is available to treat infants with congested chests.

Dynamic Compression system to assist with post workout recovery and aid lymphatic drainage post operatively.

Mandy has a special interest in the treatment and management of the cervical spine, TMJ dysfunction and post-operative care of orthopaedic and TMJ patients.

Behind the Lens Photography

I love capturing people doing their thing, from partying and acting to doing sport or just relaxing. From time to time I scale tall buildings (literally) and run workshops and Instawalks to share and learn.  I have been actively taking pictures since 2006, although photography has interested me since my teenage years.

My experience lends itself to working in low-light conditions without a flash; outdoors or indoors at events and functions and amongst children of all ages. I primarily work in the Gauteng area but have done work all over South Africa.