Imbizo Networking

Imbizo Networking is the forum for small, medium and micro business owners to meet and interact; gain knowledge; attain prospective clients and tell others about their business.

Mind Muscle

What is your best? It’s different to mine, for sure. It will be different from day to day. It will even change during the day. Here’s the thing: we are always doing our best.  What happens then, if we aren’t getting the results we want or living the life we deserve?

Essential Self

I have a special interest in hypnotherapy, and I work with a range of psychological issues including trauma, self-harm, anxiety and depression. I am particularly mindful of the effects that stress can have on an individual’s well-being, and how it can affect one’s ability to nurture healthy relationships. I have in-depth knowledge of child and adolescent development, family dynamics, and mindful parenting.

Heather Hine Garden Design

I've had a passion for plants from an early age and my greatest joy is to help clients with their gardens – whether it is with a newly landscaped garden or re-vamping a section at a time.

Frontier Laboratory

Have you ever wondered how rose growers get so many red roses for Valentine’s Day. Each looks exactly the same. Frontier Lab does not breed the red rose. Rather a rose breeder is able to give a micro propagation facility their choice selection. From this single choice chosen selection (plant) we clonally produce, potentially, millions of the same plant in a relatively short period of time.

Fangio Auto

Fangio Auto opened in 2008 with the aim of bringing over twenty years of experience in automotive servicing and repairs to local car owners at an affordable price and with a personal touch.

Chantal Dawtrey Consultants

Do the never ending demands on you and your time sometimes get so overwhelming you feel you cannot breathe? As human beings we are meant to continually grow. When we stop growing we die, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Chantal Dawtrey Consultants (CDC) is a greenhouse for leadership development, personal growth and purposeful learning.


Have you ever bought an item of clothing and felt so at home in it, and had many compliments? This is how I create personalised items for my fabulous clients! Have you ever owned something you would like copied in other fabrics or colours? We can do that too! Do you need advice on the fit, style, comfort of a garment? How about making an appointment for a personal consultation?

All African Arts

All African Arts is the online showcase for the fine art and ceramic work of Clement Mkhize.

None of this would be possible without the brilliance embodied by Clement. His artistic journey began when he was 7 years old in Zimbabwe. Using his talents he was able to fund his way through fine art technical college before moving to South Africa to pursue his dream. Persevering through a series of setbacks Clement has finally managed to realise his aspirations of having a successful career as a commercial fine artist.

Sales Impact

We believe in a completely interactive approach, encompassing role-playing real life situations that relate to your particular selling situation. This ensures maximum internalisation of the skills. No situation is too difficult for us, as we have provided training across nearly all types industries and services in the country for nearly 34 years, resulting in thousands of sales people enabled with the necessary sales skills to achieve their targets and beyond. Our vision is to continue to be the preferred sales skills and motivational training organisation in South Africa and beyond, and we are confident that the next 30 years will be even more successful than the last.