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Small Business Websites is a product designed by Tech Warrior to make it easy and cost effective to have a great looking website that can be effortlessly changed and updated.

Understanding the challenges

Download the fact sheet about Small Business Websites – the perfect website solution for your small business.

Tech Warrior is a small business that understands the challenges small business owners face. Small Business Websites comes packed full of features. It solves all of the problems commonly facing small business owners and websites including the two biggest ones:

  1. how to easily update the website
  2. maintaining design integrity

We’ve published a comprehensive feature set detailing the elements of the Small Business Websites product.

Easy to update and change

Small Business Websites uses a familiar word processing system called WordPress to edit articles and pages. You can add or edit content whenever you want to, no longer tied to the schedules or costs of the web developer.

Maintain design integrity

Fonts, colours, images, backgrounds and all the customisable elements of Small Business Websites are packaged in a fresh, vibrant and contemporary way, creating a unique website for you and your small business. But this isn’t all. To assist with preseving your investment and to maintain the design integrity, Small Business Websites has access to Tech Warrior’s growing library of images and page elements all of which are designed to complement your website and content.

Getting started

We’d love to enable your small business with our Small Business Websites product. Please contact us to get started:

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