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Easy and cost effective

Small Business Websites is a product designed by Tech Warrior to make it easy and cost effective for you to have a great looking website that can be effortlessly changed and updated.

Designed with you in mind

Tech Warrior is a small business that understands the challenges small business owners face. Small Business Websites is a product designed by Tech Warrior to make it easy and cost effective for you to have a great looking website that can be effortlessly changed and updated as your needs change while supporting the goals of the business.

We've perfected the wheel

If you’ve ever purchased a car to drive yourself, you’ll know there are a set of standard features you can’t mess with. Four wheels, pedals where you need them and a steering wheel where you’d expect it. Sure you can customise the colour, trim and spice up the vehicle with various accessories but the core remains the same.

Tech Warrior has adopted the same design philosophy with Small Business Websites. We’ve already invented the website version of the car. 25 years of designing and building websites has taught us what works. Together we’ll customise this core website to fit your business and brand. This way you aren’t a guinea pig for the latest web fad or design trend. After all, why reinvent the wheel when you can perfect it?

Image Library

Small Business Websites has access to Tech Warrior’s growing library of images and page elements all of which are designed to complement your website and content. Below are examples taken from the library showing a sample of the different categories of images.

A version for you

Whether you are starting out or an existing website owner, there's a Small Business Website for you, they comes in five versions:

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • E-commerce
  • Professional+

Take a look at the Small Business Websites pricing page to see the features and pricing options in detail.

Cheat Sheet

Small Business Websites comes with a Content scope & overview document which asks you key questions about the motivation for having a website. These questions help define the business strategy supporting your website and who will be involved in creating content and keeping the website up to date. The document helps clarify the direction for the customisation according to your brand and business goals.

Fresh contemporary design

Fonts, colours, images, backgrounds and all the customisable elements of Small Business Websites are packaged in a fresh, vibrant and contemporary way, creating a unique website for you and your small business.

Mobile friendly

Today more than 50% of all Google searches are done using a mobile device. Small Business Websites is designed to ensure your content is presented in an easy to read way, no matter whether it’s a smartphone or a computer being used to view it.

It's your website

Once the website is up and running, it’s yours. You own it. Small Business Websites is built using open tools and industry standards. This means your investment in the website is preserved because, should you ever want to part ways with Tech Warrior and have someone else make core changes to your website, you can.

WordPress training

Small Business Websites comes with optional WordPress training so you can learn to easily add and change content without depending on a website developer.

Need a logo or brand help

If you need help defining your brand, sorting out a colour palette or a logo then Tech Warrior can help with this too.

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Great Functionality

In addition to standard page content such as “About”, “Services” and so on, Small Business Websites offers other content features. Create and publish articles and news items, also known as “blogging”. Publish audio and or video content. Let visitors know what’s happening through an events calendar. Easily organise and showcase photos of products, real estate, events, team-building, company logos and so on via image galleries. Need links to social media from your website, Small Business Websites has you covered.

Where your website lives

Websites need somewhere to live so people can view them. This location (like a piece of land) is called a domain. Getting the land for the site is called “domain registration”. Once you have the domain and after the website has been completed, the next step is to combine them. This process is known as hosting. As part of Small Business Websites, Tech Warrior takes care of all of this.

Easy to maintain and update

Small Business Websites uses a familiar word processing system called WordPress to edit articles and pages. You can add or edit content whenever you want to, no longer tied to the schedules or costs of the web developer.

Free Online help

Help and assistance is available as part of the Small Business Websites monthly hosting. Tech Warrior has an online help desk which can be freely used as well as ad-hoc support for more complex questions or requests.

Getting started

We’d love to enable your small business with our Small Business Websites product. Contact us to get started.

"Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success."

—Robert Kiyosaki